My first job as a young boy was exploring the golf course lakes and mud spots for golf balls that golfers had shanked. I would acquire lost ball and wash them, then sell the golf balls back to the golfers on a different hole. The golfers would buy the balls because they were really cheap or because they appreciated my hustle. Sometimes I think I was selling the same ball they originally lost back to the golfers. Capitalism at its finest.

My first job as an adult was walking around a shipyard sweeping up the yard with a bucket, broom and shovel. On good days I would get to re-stack wood and metal materials. Talk about dignity, you learn real fast about real work and life. This was a great experience.


We specialize in helping Hospitality, Government and Public agencies in the area of Leadership and Team Building to achieve results and have more fun


Providing coffee and tea to visionary organizations that understand the value of helping firefighters affected by cancer


Leadership, self awareness and promotional training for fire service professionals.


Empowering baby girls with self-confidence and love.

When I’m not protecting homes, I’m helping people with a piece of the American dream of selling or owning their own home.


Fire Department Battalion Chief

25 years of service in the fire department and currently hold the rank of battalion chief.



To be the best me I can be and to inspire people to be their best in life.



Collaboration and partnerships create success.



Have my life make a difference for others and make a impact on this planet.


A Fresh Reminder
Is a book series that reminds you of the things you can do to live the life you deserve and be your best, it was given an award for this book- # 1 best selling book in leadership and philosophy because all my friends bought the book.

Serving With Out Selling
# 1 best selling book – What being a firefighter has taught me about business. Success strategies like your life depends on it, because it does.

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Serving Without Selling!




My Favorite Topics to Speak On






Mastermind Facilitator
Leadership & Team Building Trainer


As a certified team building trainer, Rich and his team bring a solid approach to increasing organizational teamwork and cohesiveness that will produce a positive culture and effective results.

– David Meltzer, CEO│Sports 1 Marketing│Author of Connected to Goodness


Rich is a great family man, strategic leader, best selling author and accomplished entrepreneur. He has built and sold businesses and continues to be an effective leader as a business owner, consultant, Fire Department Battalion Chief and dad.

– Brian Smith, Founder of UGG Boots, Keynote Speaker and Author


Rich has lived a life of service as a firefighter for the past 20 years and is now sharing his wisdom, leadership and experience with the world. He is also a successful business owner, 2x best selling author and a impact-full team building trainer and facilitator. Rich will only add value to your team or organization….

– Greg Reid, Bestselling Author. Acclaimed Speaker. Filmmaker


Rich is a leader in the fire service that provides a strong approach to serving others while empowering people to be their best. Rich is also a best selling author and an effective certified team building trainer.

– Former California State Fire Marshal and Founder of PHENIX Fire Helmets


Rich believes that time is one of our most valuable assets so he gets right to work with you in a direct approach in order get you rapid results and solutions for your business and/or personal life.

– Jared Kaufman, CEO @MERCHANT LLC


Rich is a very effective mastermind facilitator and hot seat innovator that creates results. I have worked with Rich to create massive success for my clients and highly recommend working with him if you desire rapid results and solutions…

– Cole Hatter, Angle Investor, THRIVE Founder, Speaker


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